How to Make Music is dedicated to helping you to make modern music, whether on a computer with a DAW and plugins, in a ‘dawless’ hardware studio, or a hybrid setup of hardware and software.

It’s run by Chris, who records as BENNU. Chris has been making music for over 25 years, has founded, been technology editor, and contributor to some of the world’s largest and most respected music production and DJ websites including Oh Drat, DJ Tech Tools, Digital DJ Tips, DJWORX, and more. Involved in product feedback, design, and development with major manufacturers including Ableton, Novation, Focusrite, Native Instruments, and many more, Chris has taught in classrooms, youth clubs, remand centres, and online over many years — and created and delivered the first BTEC short course in creative DJing and Turntablism.

How to Make Music’s aim is to demystify music making and accelerate your music production skills, through expertly devised courses that are so much more than simply videos on a page.

You won’t find dry recitals of instruction manuals or aimless showing off of knowledge at How to Make music, but a well-structured learning process that is designed to meaningfully impart foundational concepts and deliver immediately practical teaching by an expert learning developer.


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